Apr 182014

[center][Image: Whole-Brain-Thinking.jpg]
Mark Buchanan – Whole Brain Thinking[/center]

The human brain is, quite possibly, the most amazing organism on the planet.

What a tragedy it is, then, that most of us treat our brains as though one half of it does not exist!

In this enjoyable and interactive course, I am going to show you how you can learn to use your brain in a more balanced way.

I will explain how we came to see our brains the way we do and where the language we use about our brains comes from.

Then, I will demonstrate some practical strategies for unleashing the weak side of your brain – so that you can make better decisions and solve problems more quickly.

The course comprises more than 4 hours of video and 20 lectures

Lecture List

Lecture 1 – The Left Brain Right Brain Metaphor
Lecture 2A – The Modern View Of Brain Function
Lecture 2B – Navons Exercise
Lecture 3A – Brain Bias Questionnaire
Lecture 3B – Is My Brain Biased
Lecture 3C – Where Do I Stand
Lecture 4 – Relating Across The Brain Divide
Lecture 5 – Brain Bias Influence Map
Lecture 5 – Why Is My Brain Biased
Lecture 6 – Opportunity Conditioning
Lecture 6 – Work Me vs Home Me
Lecture 7 – Why You Should re-Balance Your Brain
Lecture 8 – Balanced Brain Benefits
Lecture 9 – More Balanced Brain Benefits
Lecture 10 – Choices And Consequences
Lecture 11 – Consequences and Possibilities Worksheet
Lecture 11 – Consequences and Possibilities
Lecture 12 – Texture Association Objects
Lecture 12 – Texture Association
Lecture 13 – Two Approaches To Brain Balance
Lecture 14 – Activating Your Right Brain With Music
Lecture 14 – External Resources
Lecture 14 – Music Response
Lecture 15 – Working With Music
Lecture 16 – Tuning Into Your Visual Right Brain
Lecture 16 – Visual Response
Lecture 17 – More Ways To Activate Your Right Brain
Lecture 17 – Texture Association Objects
Lecture 18 – Blocks Diagram
Lecture 18 – Building On The Ideas Of Others
Lecture 19 – Group Story Telling
Lecture 20 – Activating Your Left Brain


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Apr 182014

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Apr 172014

[center][Image: GraphicsFiresale.jpg]
Eric Holmlund – Graphics Firesale[/center]

Whether you’re new to internet marketing or you’re making five figures a month, there’s one thing you can not… and must not… overlook.


Sure, the occasional “ugly” site will rack up good conversions, but these kind of sites are the exception… and most definitely not the rule.

Rather… you want your site to go “WOW!” and “OMG!”

Or my personal favorite, “Bom Chicka Wah Wah!!”

Here’s the thing… whether it’s a sales letter, a squeeze page, a page on your website or blog, people respond to the quality of the image on your sites.

Shoddy images are like shoddy merchandise… no one wants anything to do with them.

On the flip side, having high-quality graphics can boost conversions and increase sales… because people respond to images. On both a conscious and subconscious level, I would add.

One reason is that according to 3M Corporation, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual… and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text!

Other studies have shown that graphics have immense influence over your prospect’s perception of the subject matter… and can increase your ability to persuade them to take action by as much as 43%.

The bottom line is this… the quality of your graphics can make a huge difference in whether you succeed or fail online.

What’s more, simple graphic tweaks can send conversions and sales skyrocketing.

Think about it… wouldn’t you want to capitalize on any tactical and strategic advantage you can get when presenting your offers… regardless of the niche?

It’s obvious… the answer is a resounding “YES!”

Now, before I blow your mind with everything that’s included in the Graphics Firesale, I feel I must warn you about the three big mistakes marketers make when deciding which graphics to use…

Because you deserve the truth.

Mistake #1 – Illegal Graphics

The last thing you want to receive in your inbox or through the mail is a cease and desist letter telling you to stop using some graphics you have on your site.

Usually when this happens, you’ll be given specific details about the copyright infringement violation including the links and file names.

Then, you’ll either have to pay money to continue using the graphics, or they might have to be removed. If you’re lucky, you won’t be sued. Needless to say, none of these options are desirable.

The solution is to be absolutely certain that none of the graphics you buy are obtained illegally, and that you have full permission to use them on your sites.

With the Graphics Firesale collection, everything is created in house by me and my team of designers. They are all original, uncompromised and all yours to use as you see fit.

Mistake #2 – Poor Quality

This should be obvious and yet… marketers continue to cut corners on the quality of their graphical images.

There is no excuse for using poor quality images. It reflects poorly on you as a business person and will invariably hurt your conversions and sales.

The solution is simple. Always know who you’re buying graphics from… and make sure they have solid credentials as a designer.

My track record as the “eCover Guru” and as a successful marketer in my own right speaks for itself. The graphics in this collection are proven to work.

Mistake #3 – Buying what you don’t need

Both Eric and I see this a lot. In fact, that’s why he’s been after me to create the ultimate graphics collection for internet marketers for some time now.

What you need are high-quality graphics that 1) cover the basic elements required for sales pages and squeeze pages… 2) provide some custom flourishes that add zip and pizzazz to all your pages and 3) include some special graphical touches that will make your pages stand out from the crowd.

And that’s where The Ultimate Graphics Collection comes in.

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When
You Invest In The Graphics Firesale Today

Module 1 – 7 App Store Buttons
Module 2 – 15 Amazing Badges
Module 3 – 12 Banners in Different Sizes
Module 4 – Bullets and Checkmarks in Various Styles
Module 5 – 20 Professional Buttons
Module 6 – 12 Calenders
Module 7 – Certificates
Module 8 – 8 Stylish Coupons
Module 9 – Ecovers
Module 10 – 8 Feature Listing Boxes with Color Variations
Module 11 – 24 Quality Guarantee Badges
Module 12 – 11 Eye catching Headlines
Module 13 – Licence Options in 4 color variations
Module 14 – Minisites
Module 15 – Mockups
Module 16 – ModuleBoxes
Module 17- Navigation_Bars
Module 18 – Numbers
Module 19 – Order Boxes
Module 20 – Photo Frames
Module 21 – Progress Tracker
Module 22 – Separator
Module 23 – Shadows
Module 24 – Shelves
Module 25 – Social Buttons
Module 26- 8 Amazing Facebook Covers
Module 27 – Social Media Icons
Module 28 – Squeeze_Pages0
Module 29 – Testimonials
Module 30 – Text_Styles

Module 31 – Video_Player_Skins


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Apr 162014

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Apr 152014

[center][Image: The-Millionaire-Mind.jpg]
Kevin Hogan – The Millionaire Mind[/center]

What will it really take to develope the mindset of a millionaire?

Learn the golden key to the thinking processthat makes wealth accumulation possible.

Discover the 12 fears that run your lifedecisions and behaviors as they relate to wealth accumulation. You’re going to learn how to see these fears and begin to unplug them. Without uprooting the causes of making the wrong decisions at the right moments…people are going to continue making them … forever.

Find out how to go back, deep into your past, and find the critical sensitizing experiences that have dramatically shaped your lifeas far as making and accumulating money. (There is an enormous distinction between making money and accumulating it. It is quite easy to make money. It is substantially more difficult to accumulate it…a critical distinction that we make in Psychology of Wealth Accumulation!)

The Millionaire Mind will literally show you how to build a bridge from self-sabotage to prosperity!

Discover counter intentions and how to change them to parallel systems of achievement. Less than 4% of people are been equipped to deal with all six of the psychological paradoxes that cause people to failin growing wealth. The reason is simple. Most of these paradoxes are “new.” For the most part, they didn’t exist when you were a child. They do now. The roots of some of these paradoxes lie within the evolution of how you “experience work,” how you have built the beliefs about your life and your work and how deeply your programming about change has been ingrained into the depths of your mind. Now you will discover how to defeat all six paradoxes that are operating in your mind and finally move forward on your quest to accumulate wealth.

You will have the complete formula to accomplish “reframing”(slightly different than the term you are familiar with)�and begin adding the dollars to your treasure chests. And I’m going to walk you through the entire process.

Look at what is included in this mega-package!:

CD1: Psychology of Wealth: Permanently Escaping Unconscious Self-Sabotage and the Hypnosis of Flawed Thinking
CD2: Psychology of Wealth: Motivating Forces and the Trip Wire of Accumulating Wealth
CD3: Psychology of Wealth: Pulling the Earliest, Deepest and Strongest Roots of Self-Sabotage
CD4: Psychology of Wealth: Building the Bridge from Self-Sabotage to Prosperity
CD5: Psychology of Wealth: Overcoming the Paradoxes of the 21st Century
CD6: Psychology of Wealth: Belief and Wealth – the Focal Point that Manifests Money

CD7: The Abundant Mind Part 1
CD8: The Abundant Mind Part 2
CD9: Goal Setting System that Works Parts 1
CD10: Goal Setting System that Works Part 2
CD11: 21 Tactics to Motivate Yourself and Others Part 1
CD12: 21 Tactics to Motivate Yourself and Others Part 2
CD13: The Attraction Principle
CD14: Freedom Focus
All that, and…

A giant complete Wealth Package Manual on disc. This manual includes all the accompanying workbook material for each of the above Cds.

You also get 2 free bonus DVDs: The Abundant Mind & The Psychology of Wealth. You get to see Kevin Hogan “live”!

With The Millionaire Mind, you are going to be able to easily adopt the beliefs, values, thoughts and attitudes of the most wealthy people on the planet while benefiting your family, friends and community.

The material in this system is so cutting edge, so thoroughly researched… there is nothing better (and that means more EFFECTIVE) on the market.

OF SPECIAL NOTE: The 21 Tactics to Motivate Yourself go far beyond typical extrinsic motivational themes. You are going to discover how to build intrinsic motivation into your mind. You are going to discover for the first time just what it will mean to stick with the status quo and not take those steps forward.

In this program you are going to unhook the fear-into-inertia syndrome and learn powerful techniques to transform fear into power. After putting this program to work, you (or the person you are helping) will never lack for motivation again!

THE TWO CD’s WITH PARTICULARLY CUTTING-EDGE MATERIAL are The Attraction Principle & Freedom Focus

You can learn how to get everything you want!

How do you get others and yourself to TAKE ACTION? The Attraction Principle is a pattern, developed by Kevin for getting what you want in your life. It may seem a bit metaphysical, but the concept is actually grounded in the hard facts of neuroscience.

Discover specifically how to manifest attractive peopleinto your life.

Find out the specific missing ingredients that cause most people to failat living the life they dream of…then learn how to make it all happen right in your life!

Do you want a business partner, a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, money, or to travel to an exotic location?

Have you ever been THIS CLOSE to getting what you wanted, yet it slipped away? Learn how you can assure yourself and your clients that you CAN reach those goals, virtually each and every time.

Uncover the two key partsof the Attraction Principle.

Discover the ACTUAL FORMULA for getting results.

Learn the starting point to clarity, and certainty of ownership.

How to make a mental mapof specifically what you or your client will do in order to acquire that result, person, or thing.

What is the great destroyer of the Attraction Principle?

Learn how to have a complete plan of actionand a complete visualization to allow the brain to have a new neurological pathway to the outcome the individual will manifest in reality.

The 4 Rules of the Attraction Principle

What is the difference between attention and intention, and why is it important to you?

WHY do people procrastinate?

Mental Imaging Technology ™: Freedom Focus

Mental Imaging Technology ™ is the next step up on the ladder of personal development, behavioral change and reaping the rewards of life. You will learn precisely how to find meaning in your life (or your client’s).

You will learn to go into the futureand safely plan a rewarding and rich life experience filled with rich meaning.

You will discover how to help those in your lifesee and feel what they can do in their future and how.

The Freedom Focus is a multi-step process that takes approximately two hours to complete whether you do it for yourself or a client. The best part is that there is a complete module about overcoming self-sabotage.



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